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Our team believes that our experience, vision, and zest for life creates the perfect blend for a successful design firm. We are proud to be a woman-owned firm. Whyte•Kerner is located at Amsterdam Walk in Midtown. Click our google map in the lower right for directions to the studio.

Robbie Whyte




Bonnie O’Brien

Eleza Vaughn





Senior Designer

My creative spirit is my strength, and I believe that it is my responsibility to use this gift to make a difference. I strive to design beautiful, affordable and functional signage and graphics, which instruct, guide and inform. I believe that it is critical to be a good team player, understanding the unique requirements, limitations and opportunities of each project, pushing myself to always exceed my client's expectations.


My hats, fashion and costume design provide an outlet for expressing my true self. . . to touch the hearts of strangers and bring a smile to their faces.

Every design project has it’s unique set of challenges and I have always enjoyed the creative process that occurs when developing individual design solutions that are pleasing and well balanced. My strong organizational skills allow me to bring order to the different parts of the puzzle that are inherent in good design.


Mostly I love the satisfaction derived from clients who are appreciative of the final result!